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How to protect children from ‘Child protection’

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I write this blog in hope to raise awareness of a criminal situation going on throughout the world. Some readers may be aware of an alarming number of children being stolen by social services, removed from families for unjust reasons. Witnessing how the care services together collude in lying and distorting truths, even fabricating reasons to remove children based on untruths.

I have personal experience of how this is orcastrated myself and witnessed how all services work together united in one aim to remove the children and also how they use seemingly ‘ordinary’ members of the public, neighbours, family to further their aims, working to an agenda that has nothing to do with the interest of the child but for some bigger agenda; far greater than people are being made aware of. The removal of children and placing them in the care of select abusers whom are from cult families involved in trauma based mind control and/or government mind control. The children undergo severe inhuman abuse, whilst working with previously created ‘alters’ , leaving them unknowingly programmed slaves; meanwhile many believe they had a lovely foster carers or adoptive parent(s), or care workers.

For my case See blog Paedophile ring hidden in the British Care System

British care system creating mind control slaves

In my struggle to seek heath care help for a child abused this way I witnessed all roads provided to use in our social system are blocked by rules and regulations and categories of responsibility are absent.

In following each path available for justice within I reached tony Blair, MI5, and The Home office, Scotland Yard, the G.M.C., Chief executives of each borough involved.
It was on drawing the ombudsman into the case that eventually resulted in social services closing the case and most care professionals involved stepping back.

Correspondence to :-

Tony Blair's response to truth being informed of paedophile ring hidden within Social services
How Police Complaints Authorites handled the case

The rules around media coverage of makes it impossible for them to cover, they need evidence before they can report and it is these ‘Care’ professional s that we rely on for evidence therefore it is not forth coming.

With regards to the use of lawyers, good lawyers are hard to obtain and this is compounded by the fact that social services use the same lawyers sometimes so if the lawyer represents them in any other cases for that borough they will experience social services leaning on them and they can because they are regular customers, whereas a member of the public they will not see again. In the interest of business they often do not fight as hard or refuse to take the case by saying their case load is full.

The cases are heard in a ‘Secret family court’, which is much different to a normal court, no reporters are allowed and all those present are legally silenced about what occurs therein, and disclosure of is an imprisonable offence. And often the judges also are in collusion with this hidden agenda carried out via social services.

There has been a steady increase in the numbers of children being taken. There are people speaking out regarding the children being stolen aspect both here in the UK and in USA, but it’s global; as it is a global industry.

A select few speakers are easily to view on the internet and on some alternative TV channels, but they tend to be only focused the child taking aspect omitting the SRA/Mind control element.

recently  here in Britain the very well covered case of Hollie Grieg; which has many a support campaigners ; was  seemingly shattered by campaigners becoming divided  on whether the public /media can handle the great picture of her abuse  by members of the care profession , in a ritualistic sense.

 In my opinion it is necessary for the public to grasp the enormity of what is going on and how the whole picture that includes SRA, Mind Control, Occult practices and Gang stalking. For it is all these things involved to gain control of the population locally and globally.

I have spoken out at the ‘UK Rally Against Child Abuse’, last year but even though there was at least 3 film crews ‘concerned to raise public awareness ‘ none have uploaded footage of my speech , some didn’t even film my speech. The only footage currently available is a short clip filmed by a passerby at a distance.

Me speaking at Rally filmed by a passer by
click to view as I can't seem to get to connect to here,

London Trafalgar square June 4 2011 .

there was previously footage of the event , where I am introduced and although camera’s were not on me I could be heard, but it has since been removed from public viewing; along with a previous video created a year prior where I spoke on of the silencing of people like myself.

My experience of silencing is clearly visible in the number of hits I receive for video’s I post on YouTube, remaining very low; not registering a true picture of peoples viewing. Along with this I have much work I have added to the internet by my service name ‘Higher Insight’, prior to my voicing these matters there was only one other site, using that name, a psychic; as grammatically speaking it is considered incorrect grammar.  But soon after Microsoft created ‘The Higherinsight’, and someone in South Africa created ‘Higher Insights’ and whereas before if one googled Higher insight a list of my links were displayed , now they no longer are, but Google will suggest higherinsights or thehigherinsight. Currently my website is down due to lack of funds, therefore, for the moment they may suggest this and any pages therein.

The case I took on involved a black child, hence I witnessed the links to other aspects regarding African children, and her mother being from the Caribbean also gained insight into connections there. The Childs father was Asian and yes I also learnt of Asian connections but truly this is a global matter.
Again the professionals involved in these crimes are from many countries and are made up of all races. This is because are actually D.I.D., whether they are aware of it or not. Thus I learnt that social workers I previously perceived as good workers, later I met in regards to this case and they had changed their names or claimed to be others I had previously met.  The hosting alters they came with were ones of coldness hidden behind a friendly exterior. Their conduct was often inappropriate e.g. laughing inappropriately, or lying. They were unprofessional but knew that they were supported by their superiors and therefore it is only when a case becomes public like that of which involves the death of the victim’s child that the bottom pawns take the raps for the service failure in the case.  Cult loyalty is more important than anything their other alters may wish to value.
So on to whom they target, well they can make use of any child and so isolated parents are easy pickings. Also it is not just professionals involved in the systematic operation to gain custody of the child that are DID knowingly or unknowingly working on the behalf of cults, but this is how the large percentage of the population are controlled. Although DID is extremely well hidden to such an extent that the psychiatric community in this country are reluctant to even recognise it. Which in itself is an aspect of DID , for it is the human unconscious defence mechanisms constituting denial  and where enough trauma is induced an individual will go beyond denial into complete disassociation from, becoming unaware that the trauma ever took place. This is what is orcastrated in MIND CONTROL slavery, the taking of the disassociated alters and utilising them to further any illicit act that the slave is oblivious too. Thus slave master puppeteers are able to hide behind the slaves, and even the puppeteers may well have slave masters controlling them too, until like a hierarchical pyramid structure, where hardly anyone is aware of who is at the top pulling the strings.

Some people do wake up, do see the strings and instead of denying them they face them and try to cut themselves free. It is also those individual slaves whom are then controlled via the threats of losing their children to the cult system in place and with the use of the emotionally blackmailing double bind they are held in a sticky web of a no win choice situation; so fundamental to all mind control programming: the offer of choices that an individual would choose none of given real free choice.

Not only are children taken under false claims or where information is misconstrued to fit the criteria, but also the laws are continuously being changes to cover any loop holes found to be existing in this system set up for TOTAL CONTROL.

Gang stalking
Gang stalking can also be brought to the parent’s awareness, either very subtly then slowly building or heavy 24/7 harassment – can range from interference with correspondence and communication to Jehovah witness or sales people, electric metre readings etc at your door. Whilst pressure accompanying it from services and also can involve created street drama or numerous people on a journey using the same trigger, whether that is a hand signal, or a mannerism like a cough, sniff a spoken word. Along with these conducts are just naturally occurring but repeatedly witnessed throughout the day, on a daily basis; it becomes clear to the targeted individual that something else is going on but to express this becomes very hard as without witnessing it one can be perceived as being paranoid.

The use of neighbours is also common and they may or may not be DID ,cult loyal, but when respected professionals have ‘quite words’ with them, spreading slander that pertains to the qualities the neighbour abhors , helps to create prejudice and gossip; and ultimately isolates the target.

gang stalking aspects of the paedophile ring hidden British care system

Surveillance/Gang stalking call it what you will this is partly how it’s done

Occult practices
Occult practices may also be introduced and often targets are left unsure as to what is truly the cause of events, say there is a power cut in their home, what is the cause.
Sleep deprivation is a major element sort often by the oppressor for it renders the individuals more controllable; along with food and fluid deprivation would be their ultimate goal.

When it is a mind controlled slave being targeted, previous programmes in illness to disable the target will be triggered /induced to add to the stress and yes most slaves are oblivious to their programming, so don’t know the true cause of their symptom.
Slaves are used for many things, many children and females are used as sex slaves, and others are used just for the sole purpose of controlling others, either via gang stalking techniques or just reporting back what they see.
Cult slaves are raised in cult families and the families awareness of such involvement also is hidden via alters from themselves. Again this is a pyramidal hierarchical structure starting with individuals within families that are belonging to the cults; which are run by higher ranking cults, up until they reach the pinnacle.

Many no doubt felt therefore after becoming aware of this happening directly or indirectly ask what they can do, to defend themselves from this form of persecution. Well I am happy to say there are something’s we can do to defend ourselves.

In becoming aware of how things operate one is better able to perceive what is truly going on and thus this information I am providing here on will give you an overview of the bigger picture.
Knowing they are all around you is not something that should leave you paranoid but should serve to heighten your awareness of your reality; instead of being blinkered by the painted illusion we are all fed regarding the ways of the world via school,  TV, News papers and social conditioning orcastrated by the same people in power.

Do not be fooled by the grinning teeth, for behind them may not be a smile. The workers used within the care profession, to carry out these dirty deeds are DID’s with MC alters. If one appears to be scum, it is a strong indicator that all involved are. Yes sometimes they do use front line staff that is not but they soon get rid of these workers if you become awake to the bigger picture.

Lawyers give advice and it is worth listening to ,but they have to work within the remits of the laws, and will use tried and tested methods but your case is individually tailored to you, and will be adapted accordingly to how you respond to the standard orcastrated plan. You are in a different position, you can bend the rules, where they can’t and I point out here bending rules where lawyers cant is not the same as breaking the law; always remember guidelines and laws are two different things. My advices is taking the lawyer’s knowledge and then listen to your own intuition/divine guidance on each step you take. Evaluating each move you make every step of the way like you’re playing a game of chess, because be sure their masters are. Use your strengths against their weaknesses. They may feel overpoweringly strong but always there are weaknesses in their structure; here I will point out a few.

These are things you can do on a personal level.

1, wear sun glasses: - they are trained in NLP = neuro linguistic programming.
They will watch your eye movements when interacting with you. They may try to create a false sense of security /safety with them and meanwhile wait for the opportune moment to fire the question/statement; you will be off guard but the dark glass will cause some difficulty for them to do this. Also in the street people may be used to come and ‘read you’, they gain much information from your eyes. Don’t feel any way around wearing sunglasses indoors. Remember it is your children’s life you are defending and thus need to be prepared to do things by any means necessary, because that is surely social services stance.

2,Even the use of clear glass can help you somewhat for although it may sound strange to you, some people can read your through your eye signals; I know this may sound crazy but I want to share all I can so I will try and explain in general terms.

Let’s say someone in life is watching you, some of you may have had experiences of where this happens, you can somehow feel someone is watching you, this is because our eyes give some sort of signal (they don’t call them the windows to our souls for nothing), anyhow I learnt that having glasses in front of your eyes somehow stops the signals, like it gets in the way.

3, Buy a Dictaphone; you can now purchase them cheap from stores and no longer need to keep buying castes for them as recordings now can be uploaded into computers. Carry it especially when interacting with professionals; place it say in your bra or top pocket. It is not illegal to do so, ideally have it with you at all times.

They will very often know somehow you are wearing it and curtail what they say but also it serves as proof of what they do say and also what your responses are; reducing the chances of them fabricating evidence etc.

4, Also remember to use it if you have to make a phone call but it is not wise to interact with these professionals via phones as they will tend to be selective of the ones they record in paperwork. Ideally ask for everything to be put in writing.

5, When corresponding with any professional keep a copy of letters sent and also send all letters to them recorded delivery. Yes it does cost but they are then unable to claim they never received it. Also if the letter is of great importance, select other professionals that you can CC a copy to, to demonstrate that they are being watched; therefore choose professionals higher up in the ladder. Yes they may write to you saying you do not need to do this but politely state in further correspondence that you feel it is necessary.

6, keep a folder of all correspondence and also make notes of when you receive /send etc. It can help build a picture of the greater strategies being used.

7, Put up CCTV cameras in your home and where possible insist on home visits; so you can record. Again, this is not illegal and yes they will know they are being filmed without you telling them and consequently kerb their unprofessionalism but still you will have evidence of their conduct.

8, Gang stalking may be used also so be cautious of who and what you share with strangers, neighbours even some members of your family. Try to be polite to all, for they may be told lies regarding you or be MC themselves so be cautious.

MC slaves are everywhere but remember their agenda will be to isolate you, so network the best you can but with awareness that lies may be given regarding you and be sure the lies your enemies come up with will be those that whom they tell would have an issue with.

With regards to the occult aspect of attacks they may use against you, these are best tackled by using elements such as earth, fire, air and water.
When you feel you maybe under attack apply one or more of these solutions and find the one that works at that given time.

Earth = Walk outside on earth
Air = Open your windows

Fire= Light a candle or incense; frankincense and myth

Water = Have bath ideally but shower or wet you head if you experience headache, tie with wet scarf around.

Finally prayer can protect you also.

Occult aspects of the paedophile case

Sleep Deprivation
With regards to targeting around sleep deprivation wear eye covers, and go to bed before 11pm, this will make such a difference. If you leave it later it can become increasingly hard to get to sleep.

There are also some Chinese herbs that can be purchased at Chinese herb shop that can be very helpful; they are called ‘Jei Wei Xiao Yah wah’.

Even if you don’t sleep, try to meditate for this will help you somewhat and reduce the risk of you becoming easier to control.

Good Luck and God Bless.

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